All of Our Services

Metal Work

Good metal work is the foundation of any quality build. At ARC we realize this, and our emphasis on performing metal work to the highest standards of show in our work. Any rusted panels are removed and replaced. We only use TIG welding machines and only butt-weld body panels. This reduces the opportunity for rust to grow and cause problems down the road. Our sheetmetal fabricators can handle any custom work your project requires.


When it comes to drivetrain, brakes, and suspension you can rely on our team of experienced technicians to get the job done the right way, the first time. Perhaps you want to rebuild the engine that’s already in the car but you want to add the reliability of electronic fuel injection. We are well versed in the products available and we have performed many conversions. Or you may want to swap transmissions or upgrade to a modern LS V8. Our team has performed a number of LS swaps on a variety of vehicles. We also do solid-axle to independent rear suspension swaps.

Complete Paint Jobs

At ARC we take the time to make sure paint work is carried out to the highest standards of excellence. Our process uses only top-quality materials and techniques proven to provide your vehicle with a flawless finish. It all begins with clean sheetmetal which is free from rust and contaminants. Next comes body filler work. Once the filler is sanded flush we apply polyester primer. Most shops skip this step, but we go the extra mile to ensure our body work is the best it can be.

The polyester primer is block sanded to create a completely level foundation for the paint job. After block sanding we apply 2K primer. The 2K is wet sanded to make sure the surface is free of any imperfections. The body panels are then sealed a final time and they are ready for paint. Base coat and clear are then applied by veteran painter and owner Ray Wall. Then we begin the color sanding and buffing processes.

Dyno Testing

ARC owns a Mustang chassis dynamometer. This tool allows us to precisely test and tune vehicles to get the most out of vehicles engines. We test every vehicle we build in this way before it ever sees the road, and we open our doors to clients who want to have their cars tested.

Engine Swaps

Combining the good looks of a classic car with the reliability and power of a modern power train provides the best of both worlds. We are well versed in adding newer engines to older rides. We specialize in putting LS V8s into almost anything.


Whether you want to go lower or jack it up high, we can handle it. At ARC we do any number of suspension modifications required by a project. This includes lowering or lift kits, airbags, independent suspension swaps and anything else our clients need.

Custom Fabrication

From bumpers to cross members to tonneau covers we can create anything to meet a project car’s needs. Our skilled team members can create practically anything necessary to complete a project including exhaust systems.


Each of the members of the ARC team are able to weld. We have three TIG welding machines in the shop which enables us to fuse aluminum, stainless and steel. We do all our own welding in-house.


If you want your classic ride to have modern amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, power doors and windows, remote start, or a power lifting tonneau cover we can do that. We can also do custom stereo installations, additional lighting and fabricate wiring harnesses.


Whether it’s rebuilding the braking system that came on your car, or upgrading to a modern 4-wheel-disc setup, ARC can handle it. When you talk about brakes you’re really talking about safety. We take this into consideration when rebuilding or upgrading your project’s brakes.